Recording Studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Price List

  • Basic vocal/instrument recording, including mixing = £15 / hour
  • Rehearsal space, PA, bass drum and bass amp provided = £10 / hour
  • Rehearsal space with the entire session recorded through a condenser mic and emailed to you the same day = £15 / hour
  • Band recording + mixing ie. more than 1 instrument at once = £20 / hour
  • Mastering = £20 per track or £100 for 6
  • Just got lyrics? Production can be provided along with recording and mixing for £20 / hour
  • Tutorials of hip-hop beat production and DJ scratching + mixing  = £20 / hour
  • Artist development – email for more info, the engineer (Ben) has a wealth of experience mentoring and working with artists of all ages looking to improve their skills and potential – prices vary.
  • Photoshoot during recording by MajorKuts  (West Yorkshire’s leading hip-hop art photographer, see his work here) = £50
  • Music video during recording by Paul Cockcroft (internationally acclaimed film and music video director, see his work here) = £100
  • Album artwork design by MajorKuts – all of the covers here were designed by him = £25
  • Equipment hire – click here

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