Recording Studio in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Equipment Hire

  • 24 channel XLR snake 30m box – £40 per day
  • Drum Back Line (bass drum and hat stands) – £30 per day
  • Bass Amp – £20 per day
  • PA (New Jersey Sound 100w +100w 6 channel Mixer Amplifier With Digital Effects) – £50 per day

PA Info:

  1. Six channels, each with an input for a balanced line microphone via a 3 pin XLR or a line level input via 6.35mm mono jack. Each channel also has treble, bass, volume and effects level controls. It also has overall bass, middle and treble equalization, master effects control, rca aux input, rca aux output, main out, and master level control. Power to the speakers is via 2 x 6.35mm momo jacks on the reverse of the product. The unit has 16 built in digital Effects: 0-Chorus/Room 1 1-Room 2 2-Room 3 3-Delay 2 4-Delay 1 5-Plate 1 6-Room 1 7-Chorus/Room 2 8-Vocal Cancel 9-Hall 2 A-Plate 2 B-Flange C-Chorus D-Plate 3 E-Hall 1 F-Rotary Speaker
  2. Massive 100w+100w 4ohm output
  3. 6 Microphone or line channels
  4. Tough Wood carry case with handle
  5. Dimensions 405x260x200
  6. Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz +/-dB
  7. Connectors 2 x 6.35mm Jacks

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